Коммутатор Extreme Networks 210-24t-GE2 [16568]

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Коммутатор Extreme 210, 24 порта 10/100/1000BASE-T, 2 1GbE unpopulated SFP ports, 1 Fixed AC PSU, L2 Switching with Static Routes, 1 country-specific power cord


Новое семейство коммутаторов Extreme Switching 200 — управляемые коммутаторы Gigabit Ethernet Layer 2/3 с фиксированной конфигурацией. Предназначены для предприятий малого и среднего бизнеса, которым нужны ключевые функции в гибком, но простом в управлении решении.

Switch Model 210-24t-GE2
Ports 24 x 10/100/1000BaseT (RJ-45) ports / 2 x 100/1000BASE-X (SFP) unpopulated ports / 1 x Serial console port RJ-45 / 1 x 10/100BaseT out-of-band management port
Performance 52 Gbps / 38.7 Mpps
PoE Power N/A
Dimensions 4.4 cm (H) x 44.1 cm (W) x 25.4 cm (D)
Weight 3.13 kg (6.90 lbs)
CPU/Memory Specifications ARM Cortex-A9 32-bit processor, 400 MHz clock
1.5MB MAC buffer; 128K L2 Cache (CPU)
Platform Specifications Up to 16,000 MAC addresses
Up to 1024 VLANs
Up to 4 MSTP instances
Up to 6 Link Access Groups (LAGs)
Up to 100 ACLs with 1023 rules per list
Up to 8 Traffic Classes (or Queues)
Switching IEEE 802.1AB—Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)
IEEE 802.1D—Spanning tree compatibility
IEEE 802.1p—Ethernet priority with user provisioning and mapping
IEEE 802.1s—Multiple spanning tree compatibility
IEEE 802.1Q—Virtual LANs with port-based VLANs
IEEE 802.1X—Port-based authentication with Guest VLAN support
IEEE 802.1W—Rapid spanning tree compatibility
IEEE 802.3—10BASE-T
IEEE 802.3u—100BASE-T
IEEE 802.3ab—1000BASE-T
IEEE 802.1ak—Virtual Bridged Local Area Networks
IEEE 802.3ac—VLAN tagging
IEEE 802.3ad—Link aggregation
IEEE 802.3at—PoE+ Power over Ethernet
IEEE 802.3x —Flow control
GARP—Generic Attribute Registration Protocol:
GMRP—Dynamic L2 multicast registration:
GVRP—Dynamic VLAN registration
RFC 4541—Considerations for Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) Snooping Switches
Advanced Layer 2 Features Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA)
Broadcast/Multicast/Unknown unicast storm recovery
DHCP Snooping
IGMP Snooping Querier
Multicast VLAN Registration (MVR)
Industry Standard Discovery Protocol (CDP interoperability)
IPv6 Classification APIs
Jumbo Ethernet frame support
Port MAC locking
Port mirroring
Protected ports
Static MAC filtering
Voice VLANs
Unauthenticated VLAN
Internal 802.1X Authentication Server
802.1X Monitor Mode
802.1X Client Scaling
Link Dependency
IPv6 RA Guard (Stateless)
STP Loop Guard
STP Root Guard
BPDU Guard
Routing IPv4 Static Routes (up to 60 routes)
Quality of Service
Access Control Lists (ACLs)
Permit/deny actions for inbound IP and Layer-2 traffic classification based on:
  • Time-Based ACL
  • Source/Destination IP address
  • TCP/UDP Source/Destination port
  • IP Protocol Type
  • Type of Service (ToS) or differentiated services (DSCP) field
  • Source/Destination MAC address
  • EtherType
  • IEEE 802.1p user priority (outer and/ or inner VLAN tag)
  • VLAN ID (outer and/or inner VLAN tag)
RFC 1858—Security Considerations for IP Fragment Filtering
Differentiated Services (DiffServ) Classify traffic based on same criteria as ACLs and optionally:
  • Mark the IP DSCP or Precedence header fields
  • Police the flow to a specific rate with two-color aware support
RFC 2474—Definition of the differentiated services field (DS field) in the IPv4 and IPv6 headers
RFC 2475—An architecture for differentiated services
RFC 2597—Assured forwarding Per-Hop Behavior (PHB) group
RFC 2697—Single-rate policing
RFC 3246—An expedited forwarding PHB
RFC 3260—New terminology and clarifications for DiffServ
Class of Service (CoS) Queue Mapping Configuration Auto-VoIP–Automatic CoS settings for VoIP
IP DSCP-to-queue mapping
Configurable interface trust mode (IEEE 802.1p, DSCP, or untrusted)
Interface egress shaping rate
Strict priority versus weighted scheduling per queue
System Facilities Event and error logging facility, Run-time and configuration download capability, PING utility, Xmodem, FTP Transfers via IPv4/IPv6, Malicious Code Detection, TACACS+, RFC 768—UDP, RFC 783—TFTP, RFC 791—IP, RFC 792—ICMP, RFC 793—TCP, RFC 826—ARP, RFC 894—Transmission of IP datagrams over Ethernet networks, RFC 896—Congestion control in IP/TCP networks, RFC 951—BOOTP, RFC 1034—Domain names – concepts and facilities, RFC 1035—Domain names – implementation and specification, RFC 1321—Message digest algorithm, RFC 1534—Interoperability between BOOTP and DHCP, RFC 2021—Remote network monitoring management information base version 2, RFC 2030—Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP), RFC 2131—DHCP relay, RFC 2132—DHCP options and BOOTP vendor extensions, RFC 2819—Remote Network Monitoring Management Information Base, RFC 2865—RADIUS client, RFC 2866—RADIUS accounting, RFC 2868—RADIUS attributes for tunnel protocol support, RFC 2869—RADIUS Extensions, RFC 3579—RADIUS support for EAP, RFC 3580—IEEE 802.1X RADIUS usage guidelines, RFC 3164—The BSD syslog protocol, RFC 3580—802.1X RADIUS Usage Guidelines, RFC 5176—Dynamic Authorization Server (Disconnect-Request processing only), RFC 5424—The Syslog Protocol
Management Industry-standard CLI
IPv6 management
Password management
E-mailing of alerts
Auto-install support for firmware images and configuration files
SNMP v1, v2, and v3
SSH 1.5 and 2.0
SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0
Secure Copy (SCP)
Java Plug-in 1.6.0_01 and Java Script 1.3
Advanced Management Features Industry Standard CLI with the following features:
  • Scripting capability
  • Command completion
  • Context sensitive help
Optional user password encryption
Multi-session Telnet server
Remote Switch Port Analyzer (RSPAN)
ExtremeCloud cloud-based management
Extreme Management Center support
Zero-touch provisioning with ExtremeCloud and ExtremeManagement
Operating and Storage Conditions Operating Temp: °0C to 50°C (32° F to 122° F)
Storage Temp: -40° C to 70° C (-40° F to 158° F)
Operating and Storage Relative Humidity: 10% to 95% (non-condensing)
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